Our mentors provide intensive group training in skills for the green economy to students and recent graduates so that they can play a pivotal role in the future economy.


Our mentors equip students with the skills of the future by offering an introduction to coding, GIS, and artificial intelligence for the environment 

A green revolution will require green skills, especially among younger people. Green Skills week is about fast streaming those skills and, with them, the green revolution.

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England


Where does Ecole Earth come in?


In partnership with universities, green recruiters and sustainable employers, we provide courses to train young people between the ages of 16 and 21 in six key areas: climate literacy, technology, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and personal resilience. Drawing on cutting-edge research, our Future Economy Group Training guarantees young people the best chance of success in the future labour market. 

Personal resilience will be essential for young people to navigate a rapidly changing labour market. Our training draws on insights from psychology, behavioural economics and anthropology to increase students' adaptability and resilience to workplace stress.

Skills for the future

The UK currently suffers from an ‘acute skills shortage across the sectors it most urgently needs to decarbonise’. We need to act fast to ‘ensure the UK job market has the skills necessary for the green economy to develop’.


What will this mean?


It means developing green courses that cater to the demands of our evolving economy and the needs of our future workforce. It also means partnering with businesses, universities and sixth form colleges to create green skills programmes and bootcamps. Young people require urgent mentorship, training and tuition to ensure they are not shut out of the future green economy. New ‘skill requirements are not confined to green jobs’ so it is essential that environmental modules are also incorporated into other courses.