Below is a small sample of our feedback from recent clients. Please note that all of our tutors and mentors, are interviewed and vetted before they take on students with Ecole Earth. The vetting process for tutors working with students under 18 also involves references, DBS check, safeguarding training and and qualification verification. 



We’re chuffed that our daughter now has an offer from Oxford for the MSc Environmental Change and Management. The team at Ecole Earth were enormously helpful! Very grateful. 


Emma is a fantastic tutor with a wonderful personality and warm nature - the perfect combination! Her teaching skills are superb. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She has helped two of our students with the 11+ and 13+; she will certainly be our first choice of tutor when the time comes for our youngest child too!


The last year [the pandemic] has been incredibly tough for students across the globe. Having Emma and Ecole Earth behind us, and providing mentorship for our daughter, has made a world of difference. After some major setbacks, it was not at all obvious our daughter would do well or get the grades we initially hoped. Emma turned all of that around. Among other successes, she now has a place at his first choice of university and will be studying his MS in Sustainability Management at Colombia University in the fall.


Emma est patiente et sait rendre l’apprentissage intéressant en faisant d'un cours un véritable échange qui permet de s'améliorer tout en discutant. Elle a su approfondir mes points faibles afin de remédier à mes lacunes !


We are delighted that our son now has offers from both of his top choices: Cambridge and the LSE! Huge thanks are owed to Ecole Earth for their support and mentorship throughout the admissions process. Emma has also previously helped our daughter follow in her brother’s footsteps at Westminster.


Emma a donné des cours d’anglais à mes 3 enfants, 11, 15 et 18 ans et à moi-même, elle est vraiment une incroyable professeur ! Elle s’adapte au niveau, au besoin, aux intérêts et chacun, elle fait preuve d’une très grande pédagogie, elle rend les cours vivants grâce à sa personnalité et sa capacité à trouver la bonne activité.


The Ecole Earth team are a godsend! I was relocated to Paris on short notice for my job in renewable energy, and had not idea how I would cope with the move and new language. Emma's lessons made all the difference - couldn't have done it without her and Ecole Earth!


I have to say, I’ve not before worked with a consultancy that’s so efficient. Ecole Earth provided us with a fantastic tutor with a wonderful personality and warm nature - the perfect combination! Her teaching skills are superb. I couldn't recommend highly enough. We’ve now got that offer from Berkeley and are thrilled that our daughter will be majoring in Environmental Sciences. 

Ms Minami



J'ai eu Emma comme professeur d'anglais dans le cadre du travail et je trouve qu'elle su bien adapter le format et le contenu de ses cours à mes besoins. Je recommande si vous avez besoin d'acquérir un anglais adapté au monde du travail !


Emma's lessons are brilliant. Her feedback is really helpful. My daughter gains lots of confidence and improve after her every lessons. She is professional, kind and patient with my daughter at all times.


Ecole Earth's advice on studying and admission to leading environmental programs has been extremely helpful in my own application. Their input allowed me to reframe my experience in a way that it highlighted what was truly relevant to the content of the course. As someone coming from a professional rather than academic background, this helped me to tease out the most important elements. I would definitely recommend Ecole Earth to anyone wishing to get into the academic field within Sustainability!


Emma assure le soutien de mes enfants en anglais. Elle est extraordinaire! Très agréable, douce et patiente, elle sait les faire progresser et les aide à comprendre et à combler leurs lacunes. Son cours est structuré et allie points grammaticaux, lectures et vidéos permettant de découvrir de nouvelles notions et du vocabuaire, et de travailler l'écoute, puis l'expression orale sur les thèmes abordés. Le tout dans une ambiance positive et sereine. Je ne peux que la recommander!


Emma (und Ecole Earth!) hat mir sehr geholfen, mich auf mein B2 DELF-Zertifikat für Französisch vorzubereiten. Ihre Methode ist sehr strukturiert und ich glaube sie nimmt sich viel Zeit für die Vorbereitung der Stunde. Es war sehr hilfreich so ein bisschen Struktur zu bekommen, ich hätte das sonst nicht alleine geschafft. Gerade bei Grammatik konnte sie die Verwendung der verschiedenen Zeiten gut erläutern und hatte Übungsblätter dazu. Danke nochmal für die Geduld!!